The Postgraduate Fund provides monies for part-time postgraduate studies. Following a deliverance at General Assembly the Forum was able to identify a legacy fund to enable postgraduate funding. This will be managed annually by Education & Training Team of Faith Nurture, with the assessment panel meeting each June.

Applications must be made online using the form below.

Fund Information

Purpose: To enable ministry through part-time postgraduate study.

Fund description: To award grants for part-time postgraduate theological education for those in the recognised ministries of the Church to enable them to study topics which will benefit the work of the Church of Scotland.

Method: Provide funding for tuition fees for part-time postgraduate study including Masters (research and taught) and PhD programmes. Shorter courses may be considered. Only courses undertaken at recognised HE institutions in the UK are considered.

Areas of interest

Areas of interest for the fund:

  • Theology
  • Practical Theology
  • Biblical Studies
  • Church History
  • Leadership Development
  • Church Management
  • Mission

Ministerial Development Review

Undertake a Ministerial Development Conversation to full explore your aims and objectives of postgraduate study – book your appointment now by clicking here.



To be eligible for funds you must be serving in a role that is directly supported by Faith Nurture (stipend or employment contract); locally employed roles can apply as long as they are one of the following roles:

  1. Parish Minister
  2. Assistant Ministers
  3. Presbytery Clerk
  4. Associate Minister
  5. Interim Minister
  6. Transition Minister
  7. Pioneer Minister.

Awards Available

The fund will endeavour to award monies to cover up to 60% of tuition fees. Where this is not possible, notification will be sent to applicant with the amount of award available. Written confirmation of acceptance is required should the applicant wish to continue with the application. An invoice from the institution should be sent to Faith Nurture Forum.

Please note: there is a limited amount of funds per financial year.

Study Leave

This fund can work in conjunction with a Study Leave Application. Both require seperate applications and are processed by different board members.

Funds can be combined, i.e. Postgraduate Fund cover fees and Study Leave provide leave-time and possible additional funds.

Note: the Postgraduate Fund does not provide any time away from the parish or funds for pulpit supply or locum cover.

Type of Courses

A range of courses will be considered for funding. The applicant must identify clearly ways in which their studies will have a positive impact for their own ministry and the ministry of the Church of Scotland.

The panel will be interested in a range of subjects including: theology, ethics, biblical studies, leadership, practical theology. This list is not exhaustive and the panel will welcome diverse applications.

The fund will pay for part-time studies only.

Application Dates

The fund considers applications once per year and will only consider applications which a) already have been granted a place and b) for the next start date, i.e. deferred entry will not be considered. Those part-ways through study may apply for fees for the following academic year, i.e. their next year of PhD. This fund gives awards for part-time study.

Closing date for 2022 applications is 31st May 2022 and successful applicants will be contacted by late June 2022.

The fund will re-open for 2023 applications on the 1st July 2022.


Funding Panel

This Panel contains representatives from 2 academic providers, 2 forum members and a member of Faith Nurture staff.

Applications for 2022 are now closed.

Applications for the Postgraduate Fund are available online only. Applications will be assessed in June 2022 for the coming academic year.

Please note: there is a limited amount of funds per financial year. unfortunately we are not able to fund every application we receive.

Please have all the relevant information ready before making an application – currently the application cannot be saved or edited at a later date. When ready – please apply by clicking Apply Now.

Applications received after the closing date will be considered for the 2023 academic year.

For Postgraduate trips involving national and international travel: Please be advised that due to the current COVID pandemic, even if there are no UK or Scottish Government travel restrictions in place at the time of the trip, any “work from home” / “limit contact with those outwith your household” or similar guidance in place at the time must be taken into consideration. This may result in Church of Scotland support being withdrawn should a revised assessment have to be made due to changing picture being presented as a result of COVID.

Should you still wish to proceed with the trip, please note that costs including fees, accommodation and flights etc might need to be met by you as an individual.  We would therefore recommend all bookings are made on a flexible/refundable basis to reduce this risk.



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