About MDC

MDC is a confidential discussion with a trained facilitator that supports and enables the minister to reflect on their practice of ministry in their context. This conversation provides an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on you as a minister: My Role
  • Take stock of your current appointment: My Ministry
  • Create clarity, supporting you to think through what your next steps may be: My Future
  • Take action and be empowered to do so.

The conversation is a space set aside for you to explore what you need for the challenges of ministry today.

MDC is a flexible model and sessions can either take place face to face or via Skype/FaceTime.

Read the MDC Pilot Report.

Download the MDC Brochure.

Our Facilitators

Alisa McDonald

I am excited by the support and connection the MDC gives to the minister on his or her journey of discernment and faith. There is true power in putting voice to the stirrings of one’s heart. I look forward to being that listening and compassionate presence for those stirrings to manifest, giving direction in your calling and walk with God.

Barbara Ann Sweetin

Every person is unique, every situation is distinctive and we all react differently in situations that may appear similar and this understanding makes me feel stronger in my role as a MDC facilitator. I not only hear what is being said but also listen.

Christine Murdoch

Having taken part in MDC, I know the value of a safe, confidential place to ask myself big questions. Having someone sharing in those questions helps to hear the answers which in turn help to develop my ministry.

David Clarkson

I believe the opportunity to share a conversation which is supportive, encouraging and confidential is one which everyone should take up. Talking with someone who understands the highs and lows of ministry has helped me and MDC offers that opportunity to reflect on your ministry and future possibilities. I’d be delighted to chat with you.

David McNeish

I think MDC really matters. Having a chance to reflect on ministry, to speak in confidence about the challenges and delights, and be given the opportunity to look ahead is essential to our own wellbeing, let alone the wellbeing of those we minister to.

David Plews

I believe MDC makes space for genuine and authentic conversation about the individual. MDC was designed by ministers therefore it provides a meaningful place to explore calling, vocation and future plans.


The role of the facilitator is crucial to the success of a Ministerial Development Conversation (MDC). The facilitator training will be conducted by the Edinburgh Coaching Academy and will cover of key topics.

To be considered for facilitator training, please complete and return the MDC Facilitators Application Form.

Book your one to one

As MDC is a new launch, slots are limited at this point. We have a rolling programme of training for Facilitators and availability will be regularly updated.

Should the facilitator you feel most drawn not have availability loaded on the site, please contact the Ascend Team  and we will do our utmost to assist in arranging a session for you.

Who would you like to see for your one to one?

MDC Guide

For more information on MDC, please download the resource booklet.

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