About MDC

MDC is a confidential discussion with a trained facilitator that supports and enables the minister to reflect on their practice of ministry in their context. This conversation provides an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on you as a minister: My Role
  • Take stock of your current appointment: My Ministry
  • Create clarity, supporting you to think through what your next steps may be: My Future
  • Take action and be empowered to do so.

The conversation is a space set aside for you to explore what you need for the challenges of ministry today.

Our Facilitators

David Plews

I believe MDC makes space for genuine and authentic conversation about the individual. MDC was designed by ministers therefore it provides a meaningful place to explore calling, vocation and future plans.

Eleanor McMahon

I believe that the MDC offers ministers an opportunity to reflect on their ministry in a space and confidential way, allowing them to explore their potential, and think new thoughts out loud.

Ian Stirling

I am aware of the positive impact that creative and critical conversations have had upon my own professional practice. I see MDC as an ongoing voyage of discovery, learning and reconnecting with one’s core vision.

Katie Bradley

People in ministry give so much to other people, but how often are they really listened to? MDC offer ministers a safe space to reflect on their ministry and think about where God is calling them.

Ruth Unsworth

I believe that providing a carefully created space for Ministers to reflect on their current situation and future hopes, can be highly motivating and can lead to unforeseen, even inspired insights.

Susan Cord

I appreciate the value of being listened to; truly listened to. For me, that is one of the key strengths of MDC. Your unique story and situation are important and valued.

MDC Pilot

The MDC pilot project involved the start to finish process including preparation paperwork, the facilitator training and the conversation itself with a small number of facilitators and participants.

This pilot gave comprehensive feedback from each participant and facilitator; this has allowed us to further shape and improve the MDC. Everyone said they had benefitted from the MDC experience and it had made a real difference.

The pilot project feedback has been consistently and overwhelmingly positive from both participants and facilitators. Creating a process from consultation into practice has enabled ministers to define and design support that makes a real difference.

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Book your one to one

As MDC is a new launch, slots are limited at this point. We have a rolling programme of training for Facilitators and availability will be regularly updated.

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MDC Guide

For more information on MDC, please download the resource booklet.

Interested in Becoming a Facilitator?

The role of the facilitator is crucial to the success of a Ministerial Development Conversation (MDC). The facilitator training will be conducted by the Edinburgh Coaching Academy and will cover of key topics.