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  1. Praying for COP26 and Beyond by Eco-Congregation Scotland

    As Scotland welcomes the world to COP26, join us for an hour of prayer and encouragement to get involved. About this event As Scotland welcomes the world to COP26, hear how you can get involved – and look forward to Net Zero carbon and a Just, Green Future. Hosted by Eco Congregation Scotland’s Glasgow network …

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  2. Listen to our voices by Anti-Racism Education

    Untangling transracial adoption. About this event We need to learn to unlearn and the key to this is listening to the lived experiences of people of colour. This evening our guest speaker Marie Gardom will be sharing her lived experiences as a transracial adoptee. Adoptees, sometimes the forgotten or the othered of our society. Their …

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  3. Creation Calls the Tune (Part 1) by Eco-Congregation Scotland

    An evening of inspiration and ideas for worship that reflects our concerns with the climate emergency. About this event Awareness about environmental concerns and the climate crisis is at an all time high in churches, but how much is that reflected in our worship? In this webinar we will hear from David Coleman (Environmental Chaplain, …

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  4. Lunchtime Talk – Theology in Stone: Faith and Art in Edinburgh’s Churches by The Edinburgh Sacred Arts Foundation

    Lunchtime Talk by Gordon Graham “Theology in Stone” About this event “Theology in Stone: Faith and Art in Edinburgh’s Church Architecture”. Illustrated talk by Gordon Graham eploring the history, architecture and future of Edinburgh’s Churches. Photographs by Barnaby Miln.

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  5. Let’s talk about Racism by Anti-Racism Education

    If there is conversation there is hope. About this event Join us for an open drop in clinic to unpack and explore racism. We unpack and share a trauma that is multi-generational and global in a safe and open environment so as to encourage you the participant to contuse the conversation in the hopes that …

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  6. Making Things Last. by Eco-Congregation Scotland

    “Four-fifths of the carbon footprint generated by Scotland comes from the products and materials we use. How can we reduce this? About this event “Four-fifths of the carbon footprint generated by Scotland comes from the products and materials we use.  So is recycling the answer or is there another alternative? Come along to our workshop …

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  7. Serve Your Local School – Webinar by Scripture Union Scotland

    Hear fresh ideas and encouragement on how we might serve our local schools in a post pandemic context. About this event Many churches seek to connect with and support their local schools. Some may have a formal ‘chaplain role’, others may employ a full time worker who also offer schools support and yet others have …

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  8. Creation Calls the Tune (Part 2) by Eco-Congregation Scotland

    It’s often said that our faith is shaped by what we sing. Join us for an evening of inspiration for worship music with a creation theme. About this event It’s often said that our faith is shaped by what we sing, so in this time of climate crisis it’s increasingly important that we sing songs which connect with creation …

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