Funded Retreats in Scotland

Taking the opportunity for a Retreat can be hugely beneficial in the midst of ministry service.  Ascend is now pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to benefit from Retreat funding, for ministers and deacons who have more than 2 years’ service in ministry, and for the purposes of Retreat in Scotland.

Funding of up to £250 in a calendar year is now available.

Please apply as soon as you know you are intending to take a Retreat using  this form, complete it and email it to the Support team on

Fund criteria

  • Ministers and Deacons with 2 or more years’ service are eligible to apply
  • Retreat must be in Scotland [this is due to the terms of the Trust Fund]
  • Up to £250 per annum [subject to available funds]
  • Multiple application in a year allowed up to £250 combined total
  • Retreat funding applies to the year in which the Retreat is attended, and no carryover or accumulation of allowance from another calendar year applies
  • Payment reimbursed on receipts via an expense form which will be emailed if your application is successful.
  • Receipts for travel/accommodation/Retreat itself can be reimbursed [e.g., can be Retreat specific day/course and accommodation can be Retreat house or B&B/Self Catering] within 3 months of completing the Retreat
  • While we cannot cover the cost of out of pocket expenses, or the cost of resources such as books, we recommend you might want to buy a book to take on your Retreat e.g. ‘Invitation to Retreat’ or ‘Invitation to Silence and Solitude’ by Ruth Haley Barton
  • Retreat funding is for the minister alone
  • For the Retreat there will be no associated Pulpit Supply/ Pastoral Cover costs.  It is expected that the Retreat should be accommodated as part of regular ministry practice
  • There is no relation to Study Leave which remains a separate provision
  • No report is required following a retreat

Any enquiries prior to application can be emailed to


You may wish to choose your own location for your retreat, as long as it’s in Scotland. Here are a few suggestions which offer a special space to spend time.