About Support

Our Support Team is dedicated to offering guidance and assistance for a wide range of situations and challenges that may arise in ministry, while also overseeing the Support offerings of Ascend.

When reaching out to our team, rest assured that your inquiries are handled with the utmost confidentiality, and we take the time to fully understand your unique situation in order to provide the most effective support.

We are well-equipped to address inquiries from Office Holders concerning topics such as ill health, absence management, and general queries pertaining to the wealth of information available in the Ministers Handbook. If we encounter a query beyond our immediate scope, we will make every effort to locate a solution for you.

In addition, we provide counsel on Retirement matters and are responsible for coordinating the annual Pre-Retirement Conference.

Your well-being and peace of mind remain our top priority.

How we can support you

Support for individuals in ministry encompasses a diverse array of specialised forms, each tailored to address distinct aspects of personal and professional well-being.

From January 2024 a Support Allowance of £250 per calendar year will enable access to any [or all] of the below services, as best fits your support needs at any one time. The Support Allowance will be available to full-time stipendiary Ministers, Probationers, those in Familiarisation, and Ordained Deacons in Deacon-specific MDS posts.

Pastoral supervision is designed to optimise an individual’s performance within their work or ministry, empowering them to offer their utmost to those they serve.

Counselling is dedicated to addressing personal challenges and interpersonal issues that individuals may encounter.

Coaching is aimed at equipping individuals to make informed decisions regarding their future pathways.

Spiritual accompaniment is centred on nurturing an individual’s spiritual well-being and their connection with the divine.

Finally, the benefits of a retreat during the demanding nature of ministry service cannot be overstated for personal rejuvenation and sustenance.



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Contact the Support Team

Should you wish to get in touch with Support in confidence, you can directly email pastoralsupport@churchofscotland.org.uk or contact us using the form below:


Please be assured that the email will come to the Support Team directly.