Spiritual Accompaniment

Spiritual Advisors/Directors/Accompaniers

The general advice for someone looking for spiritual accompaniment is for them to contact:


Engaging in Spiritual Accompaniment can mean different things to different people.  As faith is grown and nurtured in life, many find their own way of being accompanied – prayer partners, friends who share faith, a structured time to reflect with another.

Seeking a Spiritual Accompanier can be a way of formalising this relationship with those who are trained in spiritual accompaniment practices.  Many ministers have found it beneficial to invest in their own spiritual development in this way.

Ascend has a small budget that supports Spiritual Accompaniment for those in Probation or the First Five Years of Ministry.  It allows up to 4 sessions a year to be paid for, subject to available budget.  Those eligible can contact pastoralsupport@churchofscotland.org.uk for further information.