We have a small number of funds that can be applied to when hardship is being experienced.

Examples might be financial hardship being experienced due to:

  • Reduced income in family e.g. through spouse redundancy/unemployment
  • Financial difficulties due to change of post where there has been a period of reduced income
  • Family circumstances/pastoral need which has led to a greater demand on finances e.g. supporting an elderly parent/child
  • Having to replace a car at short notice

As of March 2019 beneficiaries are named as:

  1.  any retired person who has been ordained or commissioned for the Ministry of the Church of Scotland;
  2. Ministers inducted or introduced to a charge or appointment, Probationer Ministers or Ordained National Ministers appointed to local posts under approval of Presbytery;
  3. Ministries Development Staff appointed to a Presbytery planned post (including Deacons);
  4. Ordained Local Minsters, or Auxiliary Ministers or Deacons serving under the appointment of Presbytery;
  5. Readers set apart by Presbytery to carry out the work of the Church;
  6. any widow, widower and/or orphan of any person categorised in (1) to ( 5) above.
  7. any spouse or former spouse, civil partner or former civil partner,  and/or child (natural or otherwise) of any person categorised by (1) to (5) above.

Download a copy of the Benevolence Application Form

Please contact the Pastoral Team to find out more.