Ian is a Senior Accredited Pastoral Supervisor with APSE (Association of Pastoral Supervision and Education) and offers individual and group supervision. Ian holds a Diploma in Pastoral Supervision from the Institute of Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice (IPSRP). As an Associate of the IPSRP, Ian has co taught the Institute’s Certificate and Diploma Courses. Within the Church of Scotland, he is a member of the Training Team for those wishing to become supervisors of those in training for ministry. A Parish Minister in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow since 2006 and before ministered in a city centre Parish in Stirling for 11 years.  Post ordination Ian has maintained an interest and commitment to education, training and formation for ministry having supervised students and colleagues for many of the ministries of the Church. He is motivated by a desire to make a difference in the work practice and lives of those whom he supervises. This ‘super vision’ will hopefully benefit both the supervisee and those with whom they work. Individual, group, Skype and Zoom supervision is offered.

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