Why seek supervision?   Lots of answers exist, but for Gerrie it is about being able to step into a space or place of truth to explore where we are and how we are in relation to our work.   Words are not always enough, but the liminal space between the words is a sacred and transformative place.  She believes that in order to sustain our spirit and person in that caring and pastoral work that it can often take a bit of courage on the part of the supervisor and the supervisee or group.  It can be a place of deep peace and reconciliation but also a place of meaningful and compassionate challenge. In her own experience of supervision, it has always been worth it.


Gerrie’s background includes qualifications in Religious Studies and Spanish (BA), Epidemiology (MPH), Secondary teaching in RE and Post Grad Diplomas in Person Centred Counselling.  She completed the Diploma in Pastoral Care Supervision and Values Based Cross Professional Supervision with the Institute of Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice.  She was previously NHS Adviser to the government on involving people in the design, delivery and monitoring of care.  She is currently a community chaplain and has worked in the NHS in spiritual care and is a provisional member of UKBHC. Gerrie is in the process of applying for Senior Accreditation with APSE. To inform her supervision approach, she has a deeply spiritual and creative approach to life and living, faith and belief, work and play.  The liminal space within Labyrinths are a passion!



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