Elizabeth is inspired by ongoing depth of journey in the whole of life and vocation. Having formerly coordinated the adult learning programme for the Diocese of Edinburgh, she now enjoys working freelance with individuals and groups – in person and online. She is as a senior APSE supervisor, an experienced spiritual director/trainer and offers mentoring for supervision trainees. She is currently Scottish regional contact for the Association of Pastoral Supervision and Education and is passionate about good supervision, or reflective practice, being a supportive, confidential space for transformation, resourcing and development – CPD at its best! Elizabeth holds an IPSRP Diploma in Creative Supervision, a Graduate Certificate in Groupwork and works across professions including with people in ministry, healthcare, teaching and spirituality roles. Funding is available for Church of Scotland ministers and NHS Lothian Chaplains. Further information via her website www.reflectivespaces.org.uk Email elizabeth@reflectivespaces.org.uk


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