Please note that the current list of vacant charges is on the Church of Scotland website, here: 

Scroll down and click on ‘List of Current Vacant Charges’.  Those added recently (within the last 4-6 weeks or so) are always highlighted in yellow.  The list is regularly updated, usually on a daily basis!

If you are an Interim Moderator, please check the entry for the charge for which you are responsible, and let us know if anything requires to be amended or updated, e.g. there are a number of instances where it has said “A parish profile will be available in due course” for some time now – maybe you thought the NomCom Clerk would be emailing me with the web address from which the profile can be downloaded, and maybe they thought you were doing it!  Either way, it would be good to have the information as up to date as possible.

Amendments to the Vacant Charges List should be emailed to

The Locum Appointment section of the website can be accessed here: Scroll down, just past the section for Candidates, Probationers and Supervisors Handbooks and Forms.

Completed Locum Appointment Forms or any queries should be directed to Lynne Hood at

Whilst writing, we take the opportunity to remind Interim Moderators and Presbytery Clerks that an updated Locum Appointment Form is available, which now includes a section on PVG membership.  Please note that, going forward, forms for Locum Appointments cannot be processed unless and until full PVG details are supplied.  Kindly download a fresh copy from the website every time you need to complete one, to ensure that you are always using the latest version of the form.