“Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
Dylan Thomas

Rage seems an opposite response
to pandemic
It’s palpable in the air
Seething not so gently
just under the surface
If only we could harness
the energy of rage
allowing it to carry us onward
into that “new normal”
Harnessing the energy
to raise up “the least of these”
Harnessing the energy
to continue to honour
our “unskilled workers”
who became our heroes.
Harnessing the energy
to properly fund our NHS
and our social care
Harnessing the energy
to keep our streets
free of the homeless
by providing adequate resources
Harnessing the energy
to care for refugees and migrants
by treating them as brothers and sisters
who merit compassion
Harnessing the energy
to refuse to be governed
by out of touch
beyond reach politicians
Harnessing the energy
to put our faith into practice
by shaking up our ancient creeds
infusing them
with transformative covenants
of justice and love
that spill out of closed buildings
and flow like lava
through our neighbourhoods
gathering the energy of rage
to usher in
the radical kingdom of God.
Do not go quietly
into the new normal.
Rage, rage
against all that diminishes
the breath
of the Spirit of God
And may our rage
be pregnant with potential
for the healing of all Creation.

Liz Crumlish July 2020