Lockdown Lethargy

As we all try and find our way through this new normal it is easy to look at others and think they are thriving more than you.  The reality is that you are definitely not alone if you are feeling weary, lethargic or exhausted.

Ministry during lockdown, and as we begin to take steps out of it, is a new experience for all of us.  Covid-19 has bought a huge disruption to our lives and we have all had to adapt and transition to get to grips with our new and ever changing reality.  Change is exhausting, as are the feelings of helplessness, worry and uncertainty that come along with living through a pandemic.

Here are a few tips for overcoming tiredness and fatigue

  1. Take regular days off and use your holidays.
    Even if you are unable to do what you had planned to do, taking time when you can completely switch off from the demands and pressures of ministry is important.
  2. Get rid of guilt.
    Try and not compare yourself to what everyone is doing.  This time is affecting us all in different ways and we all have different circumstances and responsibilities to manage during this time.
  3. Increase your hydration.
    Without regular routine it can mean you don’t drink as much as you usually do.  Hydration is critical for maintaining energy levels and increasing brain function.
  4. Respect your recovery.
    Emotions and anxiety are physically exhausting and even if you don’t feel particularly anxious this situation is stressful for everyone.  As things begin to settle you might find yourself feeling exhausted.  Listen to your body telling you it needs time to rest and recover.
  5. Make the most of outside time.
    Getting out of the house even for light exercise can leave you feeling like you have more energy and a clearer mind.  This is even more important when you are spending all day looking at a screen.
  6. Let go of “I should”.
    If you are telling yourself you should be doing more then you are bound to be feeling discouraged.  Celebrate what you ARE managing to do and give yourself permission to do less.
  7. Give yourself breaks from social media/news/screens.
    Looking at a screen can lead to fatigue, headaches, and difficulty sleeping.  Give yourself regular breaks, especially near bed time and on days off.
  8. Remember that help is available.
    If you are feeling particularly stressed or anxious please remember that you do not have to work through this alone.  Speak to the Pastoral Team in confidence about help and support that is available.