Our Story

It all began as an experiment. We wanted to challenge the status-quo in people’s lives in one city, our hometown of Dallas. So in 2008, we launched as a local nonprofit aiming to reach our city with the stories of a different kind of life.

At the time, the steep rise in online video content was just beginning to gain traction. We joined that early movement with a unique message of our own through a series of 20 short films. Each film captured the true and authentic story of an individual whose life had been changed. At the end of every story, the person summarized their new life with one singular statement:

“I Am Second”

We plastered the words everywhere. We put up billboards, aired commercials, and rolled out a website. The real people in these stories came from a mix of backgrounds but their theme rang consistent. Like so many people, they had tried living for themselves, but it left them addicted, alone, purposeless, and lost. Only when they put Jesus first in their lives, did they find peace and freedom.

The rawness of their struggles and the hope they found soon inspired millions. The films spread all across the city and then quickly across the country and even the world. What began as a local experiment quickly became an international movement.

We added to these films many tools and resources designed to help people experience the same kind of life change and hope that is described in the films. We connected people to others who could talk them through these changes and begin to Live Second.

Today we still tell those raw and real stories through more than 140 films on our site. But we’ve also gone beyond the short film format through full-length documentaries, mini series, and even books. These are the stories as told by athletes, musicians, business leaders, addicts, survivors, and your next-door neighbor. These stories are from people like you.

And while our tools and resources have been updated in many different ways, we still provide many ways for individuals, churches, small groups and families to experience hope for themselves. Whether it’s daily challenges, discussion guides, or an online coach that can help you best, we’ve got you covered.

Because of the bravery of the people we film, and all those that partner with us, our content has been viewed more than 150 million times by people in over 230 countries/territories. Everyday we receive personal messages about the kind of impact these stories make in the lives of individuals who are looking for something more. What they find here is hope and we trust you will, too.


The right story can change your life