Exciting new horizons have emerged on the Church of Scotland Learning platform, with the addition of innovative courses designed to ignite and nurture faith exploration while providing invaluable support for local church office holders.

The latest modules delve into diverse topics such as the role of an elder, the responsibilities of a session clerk, leadership development, spiritual calling and gifts exploration, finding and sustaining one’s voice, and cultivating the skills for funeral ministry.

Kay Cathcart, People and Training Manager for the Church of Scotland, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “In these challenging times, we are thrilled to offer inspiring and empowering materials that pave the way for a hopeful future. I urge anyone affiliated with the Church of Scotland to join the vibrant community of learners by enrolling for free. Whether you’re a member, minister, deacon, reader, or elder, our tailored resources are here to support you on your faith journey.”

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If you have any specific questions you can contact the Church of Scotland Learning team by emailing Learning@churchofscotland.org.uk