What’s the story?


In the beginning the story proceeds:

Out of vacuous void and darkest deep.

Comes a spark, a bang, chicken, egg or seed?

Quite the primordial soup that steeped!

“A singularity occurred,”

Chorus the material girls and boys,

“But a loving first-move maker – absurd!”

But what if a song sings through the background noise?

A celestial sung refrain, “Let there be…”

And there was light, and life and it was good.

The voice touched earth and the singer breathed –

Breath in them and us and it was very good.

Animated carbon copies – applaud!

Life teemed, humans teamed and teamed with God.


Back in the day(s) the story unfolds:

There was evening and morning, work, rest, play.

And a display – not grim and bare, stone cold

A floral, faunal sensory array.

A bouquet of colour, banquet of food.

All plant bearing seeds, all tree bearing fruit.

“Come touch, taste and see that the Lord is Good!”

“Taste life, taste all, bar one with bitter route!”

The question – to trust or not to trust God?

To bask in the sun and orbit as moon,

Or claim stardom(ain) and snatch sceptre and rod?

“Let him revolve, he can dance to my tune!”

Encouraged by primeval, prime evil snake,

Self-primed, they chose as we choose to take.


In the formative years, the story goes:

“My Soul!” captains Adam and Eve set course.

Self-determined selves, birthed sin and brought woes,

Shunning the enlivening sacred source.

But, to the garden shunned loved draws near

To re-establish vital connection.

All knowing, his call “Where are you?” rings clear,

Emitting holiness and affection.

Do they come clean, bring all into the light?

No, they choose like us, to run, blame and hide.

Forever? No hope in hell to reunite?…

Enter the hope of heaven to turn tide.

To crush snake, and undo death and decay.

For a pierced saviour will enter the fray!



Genesis Chapters 1-3 In the beginning God…