The 24-7 Prayer Podcast

Be inspired to grow in prayer and be equipped to pray for awakening with The 24-7 Prayer Podcast, hosted by Brian Heasley and Hannah Heather.

The 24-7 Prayer Podcast has been created to celebrate the stories of God at work across the 24-7 Prayer movement, and to inspire you to grow in prayer and be practically equipped to pray for awakening.

Over ten episodes, the first series of The 24-7 Prayer Podcast will feature stories of how God is at work through prayer all around the world, and the impact that ordinary people are having on their communities as they pray and seek God’s kingdom.

We’re not interviewing experts – instead, we’re exploring how ordinary lives see extraordinary things when people start talking to God.

Each episode is 30-45 minutes long and covers a different raw and honest story. From townships in South Africa to revolutions in Lebanon to new monastic orders in England – where could prayer take you?