It is a belief that each one of us, regardless of our occupation or role, has a unique calling from God. Let us explore the significance of our divine calling and how it empowers us to fulfil our purpose in every season.

As Christians, we believe that God has a purpose for each of our lives. This purpose extends beyond our spiritual lives and encompasses every aspect of our existence. Whether we are in the ministries, teachers, doctors, artists, or stay-at-home parents, we are called to live out our faith and make a positive impact in our respective spheres of influence. Our calling is not limited to a specific time or season but is a lifelong journey of discovering and fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.

Living out our divine calling requires intentionality and a deep understanding of God’s purpose for our lives. It involves seeking His guidance, studying His Word, and being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our calling may evolve and change as we journey through different seasons of life, but the core purpose remains the same – to bring glory to God and serve others with love and compassion.

In our workplaces, we can demonstrate integrity, excellence, and a Christ-like character, reflecting God’s love to our colleagues and clients. In our families, we can nurture and disciple our children, creating a loving and God-centred home. In our communities, we can be agents of change, advocating for justice, mercy, and compassion. Our calling empowers us to make a difference wherever we are planted.

The Christian idea of being called for a purpose and a specific time is a powerful reminder of our significance in God’s plan. As we embrace our calling, we can find fulfilment and purpose in every season of life. The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) serves as a valuable resource, equipping us to live out our faith in the complexities of the modern world. Let us embrace our calling, seek God’s guidance, and impact the world around us with the love and grace of Christ.