From Wednesday August 16th, a variety of materials will be available which will help grow faith, courage and confidence as we follow Jesus together. These materials will be best experienced in a group and so there will be facilitator notes for those in congregations and presbyteries who would like to offer this.

When we discussed these plans with Presbyteries back in 2021 they told us that the most important thing was that Church of Scotland Learning offer opportunities which are of practical help to people. These are therefore not offered at an academic level and no one is going to be assessing people as we learn. We hope that for some, this will be a first step in engaging more fully with our faith.

Here’s what will be available from August 16th:

Topic Purpose
New Ways of Being Church Learning how to pioneer and take early steps in our own venturing.
Conversations in Discipleship Helping us to think about what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus.
Exploring Discipleship Enabling us to begin or deepen our experience of following Jesus together.
Vows for Ministers of Word and Sacrament Bringing deeper understanding to the promises we make.
Vows for elders What am I getting myself into? Learning more about the promises elders make.
Talking about your faith Becoming more confident in sharing Jesus with others.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Three Mottos for Best Practice.
Unconscious Bias and Me Evidence, Impact and Reflections.
Knowing You, Knowing Me –Theological Reflection for Everyone Learning to understand more fully where God is and what God is calling us to do

The Practicalities

You will be able to access the new digital platform by registering your interest here from Wednesday 16 August. Sign-up and you will be sent an email and an invitation to the new platform. It’s important that you access the platform the first time on the browser, and thereafter you can download an app. You’ll need to spend time a little time familiarising yourself with the platform, ensuring we can maintain your privacy and give you best functionality. If you need any help, there will be some videos for guidance along with an FAQ document on the site.

If these do not answer your questions, then contact or call 0131 240 2204.