The Trustees will also consider providing assistance to:

  • Spouses and civil partners of ministers who are forced to leave the manse due to relationship breakdown.
  • Those who have managed to house themselves, but are seeking to move to more suitable accommodation.
  • Those who might wish to investigate replacing a mortgage obtained earlier in their ministry with a loan from the Fund.

The trustees may grant tenancy of one of their existing houses or they may agree to purchase for rental occupation an appropriate house of an applicant’s choosing. Leases are available in Scotland only and on advantageous rental terms.

Alternatively, the trustees may grant a housing loan of up to 70 per cent of a house purchase price but with an upper ceiling. Bridging loans are available in limited circumstances. Favourable rates of interest are charged.

Please note that the Fund can be of assistance beyond the point of retiral too.

After retiral, those who find that their circumstances have changed and would like to be considered for assistance for the first time or for further assistance from the Fund should speak to the Secretary to explore matters.


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