To provide Ministers with the opportunity for a period of focused study and/or training for the sake of
continuing growth in knowledge/skills for the benefit of ministry and for the greater benefit of the Church.
From 1 January 1998 ministers with 5 years’ service in the Church are entitled to Study Leave in accordance
with the terms of the Scheme. Entitlement begins with two weeks at five years’ service, four
weeks at six years, and so on, increasing to a maximum entitlement of 14 weeks for those with twelve years
of service in the Church.
For ministers with the full period of qualifying service who have not drawn down any entitlement, the
entitlement in 2022 is capped at 7 years roll over, which is £1,925 and 14 weeks.

From 1st January 2023, the entitlement cap will change to 5 years roll over accumulation of 10 weeks
(70 days) and £1375. Ministers who are currently at the maximum amount will have their allowance
re-set to the 70 day and £1375 cap on the 1st January 2023 unless this is used in 2022 (*Expenses must
be submitted before 15th December 2022)
From January 2023 – Study Leave cannot be used in the 12 months prior to retirement.
Ministers should note that by contacting the Education and Learning team, they will at all times be given
access to the best advice and guidance on what courses would be most appropriate to meet their needs.

Study Leave – Click here to apply