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About this event

The Church of Scotland’s Violence Against Women Task Group Integrity supports the Church, from the local to the national offices, to tackle violence against women and girls.

With the support of a specialist in this field, Integrity has developed a tried and tested training to equip anyone within the Church of Scotland to:

  • Improve understanding on violence against women
  • Build confidence when responding to the issue directly
  • Reflect on the role of the Church in preventing, resisting and responding to violence against women

The most important objective for the Church is to ensure that when disclosures are received, we have the tools and understanding within the Church to ensure that we do not make things worse, and, where possible, play a positive role for women seeking help.

After 18 months of testing the training and 6 months of having a finalised version, 95% of participants reported an improvement to their knowledge of this subject and their confidence in responding to issues directly connected to it.

Anonymous Feedback from previous trainings:

“Took a lot away from it which I will certainly act on. Whilst I recognised most of what was presented/discussed to some extent, the course really helped join the dots and fill some gaps”.

Participant 15th June

“The overall content was so informative”

Participant 28th April

“The preparation and framing was excellent. Excellent facilitation for interaction.”

Participant 15th June