Let’s Explore Discipleship

Jesus says to us all ‘come follow me’. What does being a Jesus follower actually mean? How does it affect your life?

At the end of the Gospel of Matthew Jesus commands ‘Go and make disciples’. Are we already disciples?

When we hear the word disciple we might instantly imagine 12 bearded guys but what does discipleship mean for us today?

We might think that being a disciple is all about hard work and discipline but it’s actually more about loving and truthful relationships, with Jesus and with each other.

We have made a set of resources that help you work with others to discover what discipleship is.

Conversations in discipleship

This resource gently introduces the topic of discipleship and gets people talking. It is important to talk to one another about aspects of faith.

Exploring discipleship

This booklet lightly explores the 6 characteristics of discipleship. It contains a short chapter on each characteristic followed by questions for individual reflection or group discussion. The chapters are

Faith as a journey of discovery

Understanding who we are

Whole life worship


Being a servant

Discipling one another

You can view or download a text only accessible PDF of the booklet or to receive a full colour and image version please email learn@churchofscotland.org.uk

Encourager training

The next resource is a small group programme called Encourager Training. The 12 sessions provide an inspiring discipleship experience and practical training in discipling others. This course equips individuals to develop cultures of discipleship in their churches and communities by sharing faith in honest and encouraging relationships.

More information on Encourager Training coming soon.