Top tips for savvy savers!
With a New Year just around the corner, Savvy savers know that this is the perfect time to start making the most of the freebies that are out there for everyone to enjoy.


The trick is knowing where to find them.


With this in mind, we’ve teamed up once again with Legal & General, and would like to invite you to one of our popular online webinars on
Friday 10 December at 12:30pm.


This 30 minute session will provide you with lots of top tips that will help you to:


  • make sure you aren’t missing out on the cashback that’s freely available to anyone
  • access a range of free services that are available to you at no cost
  • turn your good money-saving intentions into positive action.



As well as giving you lots of tips and providing links to some really useful websites, the presenters will also leave you with a free online planning tool to help you get started.


In keeping with the theme of the session, it’s completely free to attend.


We hope to see you there … but only if you’re free, of course!


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