The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is a Cambridge-based interdisciplinary research institute improving public understanding of science and religion. Its main focus is on the relationship between science and the Christian faith, but it also engages with those of any faith or none.

In a recent survey, 30% of non-Christians and 10% of Christians in the UK thought the church was ‘not compatible with science’. The Faraday Institute want to help your church change this perception by engaging with science, addressing subjects that are relevant to society today.

They are offering bursaries for UK National or Regional leaders within Christian denominations, or equivalent networks of churches, to cover some of the costs of coming on their short course (1-2 days) or one of  longer summer courses (5-6 days). The aim is to equip you personally, as well as helping you get to know us and find out how the Faraday Insitute can resource you and your network.

There are two levels of bursary (decided on a case by case basis)

  1. The student or ministry trainee rate for the course
  2. 1., plus 50% of cost of travel and accommodation for the January 2022 Church Leaders course (and possibly others, TBC)

For details or to apply, contact our Church Engagement Director Ruth Bancewicz at

Applications will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, until February 2022.

In addition to this bursary scheme, they are happy to hear from denominational or network staff at any time. For example, the Faraday Institute advise on particular topics, recommend resources or speakers, or organise an in-house training session. For more details please contact or go to