Ecumenical Christian Repentance, Reflection and Action on Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia 14-17 June 2021



The Council for World Mission (CWM) and World Council of Churches (WCC) – through its Mission from
the Margins and its Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA), co-organised the
above-mentioned joint ecumenical online event from 14 to 17 June 2021. The aim was to strengthen
and stimulate the ecumenical conversation on racial justice in preparation for the WCC Karlsruhe
Assembly in September 2022.
The e-conference was also a contribution to the WCC Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace (PJP) whose
2021 thematic focus are Indigenous Peoples and racism, as well as an opportunity to mark the 75th
anniversary of the WCC CCIA.

Read the full report here – Anti-Racist in Christ – E-Conference Report