Royal Army Chaplains’ Department Theological Students’ and Potential Chaplains’ Course 2021.

This is an annual residential course offered to theological students and junior clergy by the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department to stimulate awareness of the unique opportunities and challenges of Army chaplaincy.


The 2021 course will take place from Monday 6 September to Friday 10 September 2021 at the Armed Forces’ Chaplaincy Centre, Shrivenham (venue may change, depending on coronavirus restrictions). The course comprises a mixture of lectures, visits and interaction with serving chaplains and soldiers. There is plenty of time for discussion with chaplains and for collegiality with ordinands from diverse theological traditions. Air or rail fares (within UK), food and accommodation are provided.

If you have ordinands who would benefit from an extended stay and wider experience, we are pleased to offer a further five-day placement the following week (13-17 September), hosted by an Army chaplain, which can generate a report for your records. Details are available on application.


Army chaplaincy is a key ministry to an age-group and sector of the population that the church largely fails to touch. The average age of today’s soldiers is 26. Chaplains live and bear witness to their faith among people of many backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. They work in diverse teams where each church’s tradition and practice are respected and valued.


Army chaplains provide spiritual leadership, moral guidance and pastoral care to soldiers, officers and their families. They have a direct role in shaping the ethical formation of the leaders of today’s and tomorrow’s Army, in whom our society invests great trust and responsibility. Chaplains act as a ‘critical friend’ and a prophetic voice to the Army leadership at all levels.