Vital Connexions has over 25 years’ experience offering training in counselling, couples counselling and counselling supervision.

Their latest course is designed for those who want to enhance their skills as a strength focused practitioner. The theoretical base of the course draws on second wave positive psychology, strength based interventions and what the Bible says about renewing our strength.

The course is split into 4 modules. Each module will look at different aspects of strengths and you will discover the things you are are good at and be helped to feel more energised and more authentically you. These are key skills as you help and empower others.

Module 1 – Weakness to Strength

Module 2 – Emotional & Relational Strength

Module 3 – A Strengthened Soul

Module 4 – Introducing the Sailboat Metaphor

To find out more about the course, and to register to participate, you can read more on the Vital Connexions website.