We are pleased to offer coaching as a recommended developmental resource within Ascend.  We are currently training 9 new coaches through Edinburgh Coaching Academy in order to increase our capacity.  These 9 will join our existing team of trained coaches to offer coaching to Ministers, Deacon, and MDS within the Church of Scotland.  We currently have coaches available.  If you are interested please contact us via email for more information.

Some of the team…

What is Coaching?

A relationship which promotes change by focusing on 5 key contexts:

  • Listening
  • Intuition
  • Curiosity
  • Forward and Deepen (Action and Learning)
  • Self Management

Alison Denton of Edinburgh Coaching Academy delivering Coaching training…


Coaching is not Therapy

  • Not about the past
  • Not about healing or resolving symptoms
  • Not about personal problems
  • Rooted in the present
  • Based on the assumption that the client is “Creative, Resourceful, and Whole.’

Coaching is not Mentoring or Consulting

  • The coach does not give solutions
  • Unlike in sport, the coach is not the expert in the client’s field
  • Not about telling you what to do
  • The client has the solutions, the coach draws them out

Coaching is not Training

  • Not based around any taught syllabus
  • Not prescriptive
  • Not tied to a particular subject
  • Driven by the needs of the client, not by outcomes or employers wishes

Coaching is not Cheerleading or Friendship

  • Not about unconditional support
  • 100% focused on the client
  • The coach is for the client but may also be more probing than a friend
  • Goals and accountability are key

Interested in receiving coaching or becoming a coach?

Please contact us via email for further details.