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  1. Communicating the Gospel in Today’s World – What is the Digital Footprint of your church?

      This one-day conference looks at your church’s Digital Footprint. The conference has been designed to help you communicate the Gospel in today’s world. Hosted by the Rural Working Group and facilitated by Sanctuary First the day will take you through the basics of having a web presence right through to how to live stream …

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  2. CMS Summer School

    Save The Date! Times and Seasons: Exploring transitions in life, the local church and the world. How do we navigate our way through the various seasons and transition in the journey of life and ministry within an ever changing world? Some speakers have already confirmed their availability and we will be able to let you …

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  3. Rural Resourcing Roadshows 2018

    The Rural Working Group of the Church of Scotland has been created to resource and support the 43% of Church of Scotland Parishes that are rural. After a highly successful suite of Rural Resourcing Roadshows in 2017 the working group will be hitting the road again distributing their suite of resources aimed at supporting the …

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  4. 4-Day Leaders Retreat

    We are partnering with Natural Change for a 4-day leaders retreat in late August 2018. Tailored specifically for those in parish ministry, the retreat will focus on reflection, reinvigoration and reconnection. Our aim is to provide a unique opportunity to contemplate on leadership, faith and vocation in the context of the great natural world around us. This residential …

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  5. Project Management Training

    Project Management Training Course   Course Content  By the end of the course delegates will have a clear understanding of what is involved in the successful delivery of a project. They will be able to explain what each of the key aspects of project management is and why they are important within the context of successful …

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  6. Enabling Conversations that Lead to Change

    Change ‘…..places demands on us as individuals and as a Church to become change ready and adaptable: strengthening and maintaining our core values while being ready and prepared to adjust to our changing environment’. ‘An underlying value for the Ascend project is enabling agency in the individual.’ Dialogue is the basis of all human relationships and …

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    USE STUDYLEAVE AND FIRSTFIVE DISCOUNT CODES! Join us for Preaching Today 2019, a two-day conference to reflect on preaching as it relates to your ministry and parish. The conference is for anyone who wants to explore ways to preach better and to be inspired to give their preaching ministry a new focus. The event will …

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