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  1. Elders Conference 2018

    ‘A Journey of Discipleship’ A new Learn conference (Friday 27th April – Sunday 29th April) to enthuse and inspire current and future elders in the Church of Scotland with a fresh vision of discipleship and to equip them to have a good understanding of their roles as office bearers. Five Keynote Talks on Christian Discipleship: …

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  2. Commemorating 50 years of women’s ordination in the Church of Scotland

    On Wednesday 22 May 1968, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland passed a deliverance that women should be eligible for ordination to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament on on equal terms with men.The enacting legislation brought to an end decades of campaigning and debate. It opened doors to new opportunities and challenges …

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  3. Canoeing the Mountains – leading in uncharted territory (with Tod Bolsinger)

    A conference with Tod Bolsinger, Head of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary How does the Church respond well to the changing environment we find ourselves in today? How do we navigate changes that we feel ill equipped for? Tod Bolsinger, a minister in the Presbyterian Church USA, will draw on the example of explorers …

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  4. Alpha Leadership Conference 2018

    The Alpha Leadership Conference unites people from every corner of the world for two days of world class speakers, worship and encouragement. Come be a part of it Experience the room, encounter ideas that resonate deeply, learn from experienced leaders and be challenged by topics that matter to you. Gathering leaders of influence Enhance your …

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  5. MDC Facilitator Training 2018

    We are delighted to offer a further 2-day Facilitator Training course on the 8th & 9th May 2018.   The role of the facilitator is crucial to the success of a Ministerial Development Conversation (MDC).   The relationship between the facilitator and minister is very much a partnership of equals and is built on the basis of …

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  6. Calvin for Christian Ministry

    This Day Conference, hosted by Christ’s College & AU Centre for Ministry Studies, includes speakers such as Professors William Naphy, Paul Nimmo and Philip Ziegler alongside contributions from Post Graduate students. Contact Clare Davidson for further details.

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  7. Vocations Conference

    Vocations Information Day attendance is necessary to go forward and take part in the Discernment process. Vocations Information Days are open for anyone to attend, regardless of their length of membership of the Church of Scotland.

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  8. CMS Summer School

    Save The Date! Times and Seasons: Exploring transitions in life, the local church and the world. How do we navigate our way through the various seasons and transition in the journey of life and ministry within an ever changing world? Some speakers have already confirmed their availability and we will be able to let you …

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