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    IN CONVERSATION Michael Leunig is a cartoonist and poet, under which guises he displays a lively and incisive philosophical and theological mind, commenting on issues of the day. In this Intimate Evening, we invite him to say a little about the role of the cartoonist, what provokes him to write poetry and what – as an …

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  2. The Gospel in a Polarised Society: Finding peace and hope in a fractured world

    University of Aberdeen Summer School 2019 – 19th-23th August 2019 What does the good news of Jesus Christ’s life, death, resurrection and coming again mean for a society riven by economic, political and social division? How do the faithful Christian practices of healing and reconciliation appear in local communities fractured by disagreement and conflict. A week …

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  3. Living With The Bible

    A TWO DAY INTERNATIONAL CONVERSATION ON HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH HOLY SCRIPTURE, ENABLED BY THE WILD GOOSE RESOURCE GROUP The Bible … … open or closed? … public or private? … experience or theory? … dynamic or dead? Many lay people feel inadequate when speaking about the Bible. And quite a few ministers and priests find reflecting …

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  4. Janne Mark: A little night music for pilgrims

    AN EVENING CONCERT Janne Mark writes hymns. Yet there is nothing about her that is stuck in a fusty tradition. She writes in the here and now, she is socially aware and committed, and in her work she draws on the freedom of jazz and all of the breadth of the Scandinavian folk tradition. And that …

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  5. The Spirit of Populism: Political Theologies in Polarized Times

    Is populism on the rise? Across the political spectrum, populism is considered a catch-all category to be critiqued: describing something as populist and dismissing something as populist go hand in hand. But theological justifications of populism, such as the identification of Christianity with Europe, resonate with mainstream political positions that are articulated and accepted in …

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  6. Leaders Retreat: Who I am is how I lead

    A short retreat to gather with others in ministry and to reflect, re-align and to rest in order to re-engage. Your guide throughout the programme will be Di Murray who will provide the “container, content and containment” over this 3 day experiential learning program. We will be working with the core values underpinning the ComingUp4Air model- Curiosity, …

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  7. Roots and Wings: Parents and Young Children

    A new conference to support those involved in early years ministry. Strong roots of security, identity and wellbeing give us all wings to fly to be all that we can be. There is a direct connection between the experiences of early childhood and subsequent adult flourishing. 52% of the UK’s under-5s attend a church-based toddler group …

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  8. CPD Event for Ministers and Worship Leaders

    A CPD event for ministers and worship leaders, offering resources for the year ahead, including new scholarship on Paul, Matthew’s Gospel, and preaching in missional contexts. Speakers include Dr Matthew Novenson and Dr Sandy Forsyth. This event is Study Leave eligible.  

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