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  1. Chapterhouse: Jesus’ Humanity and Ours: The poetry of everyday life

    Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering. (Romans 12:1-2, The Message) In a culture of exceptionalism and Instagram perfection, what might it mean to recognise our common life as “a spiritual act of worship?” What does the humanity of Jesus have to teach …

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  2. Elders Conference 2019

    Creating and Deepening Discipleship A Learn conference to inspire current and future Elders in the Church of Scotland with a fresh vision and understanding of the characteristics of Christian discipleship, exploring their role in creating and deepening a culture of discipleship. Through the six characteristics of Christian discipleship Faith as a Journey of Discovery Understanding …

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  3. ColumbaFest

    ColumbaFest, weeWONDERBOX’s flagship urban festival, returns to Glasgow on 7-9th June 2019. This year’s theme ‘Wandering + Wondering‘ invites us to consider the physical, spiritual and emotional journeys, voyages and pilgrimages we go on in life as we wrestle with faith, politics and art today. Inspired by the life of St Columba, current global events …

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  4. A Taste for Mission

    Come along to get “a taste” of different ideas for mission that you could use in your congregation. We look forward to welcoming the following keynote speaker: Neil Urquart, Fullarton Parish Church, Irvine. The following breakout sessions will be offered, with a chance to visit 2: Engaging the Community: Diane McWilliam, Cinnamon Network Engaging the …

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  5. Scotland Welcomes Refugees Gathering 2019

    Scotland Welcomes Refugees Gathering 2019 is a completely FREE event aimed at connecting welcome groups, grassroots movements, like minded individuals and refugees with one another. The Gathering will be a vibrant, fun, family-friendly showcase of international art, music, storytelling, and much more- celebrating the variety of backgrounds that refugees bring to our communities. The Gathering …

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  6. Christ & Trauma: Doing Theology East of Eden

    The conversation in the Church on human suffering has changed. Horrific scandal is constantly reported from today’s media, and an awareness of trauma has seeped into daily vernacular and the imagination of popular culture. Tragically, the Church is not immune to these scandals. This not the way it’s supposed to be. Trauma is the overwhelming …

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  7. The Gospel in a Polarised Society: Finding peace and hope in a fractured world

    University of Aberdeen Summer School 2019 – 19th-23th August 2019 What does the good news of Jesus Christ’s life, death, resurrection and coming again mean for a society riven by economic, political and social division? How do the faithful Christian practices of healing and reconciliation appear in local communities fractured by disagreement and conflict. A week …

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  8. The Spirit of Populism: Political Theologies in Polarized Times

    Is populism on the rise? Across the political spectrum, populism is considered a catch-all category to be critiqued: describing something as populist and dismissing something as populist go hand in hand. But theological justifications of populism, such as the identification of Christianity with Europe, resonate with mainstream political positions that are articulated and accepted in …

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