Clare Milrine is the Training Team’s Project Officer. Her focus is on project management strategy, planning, scheduling and oversight of various sub-projects and contracts.

Subscribing to the belief that an innovative organisation cannot rest on its past successes, Clare believes that Ascend offers wonderful tools to support Church of Scotland’s ministers in their growth and development.

Clare has broad industry experience which includes Finance, Recruitment and Pharmaceuticals, holds a degree from the University of Strathclyde and is a certified Project Manager and Programme Manager. Her professional and personal experiences have made Clare adaptable and situationally aware. This means that she is consistently working on finding solutions in the complete context that piece of work being delivered. Clare is a self-declared geek about compliance and efficiency! As a keen yoga practitioner, Clare believes that economy of motion is the key to achieving success and always strives to developing the most streamline solutions.

Outside of the office, Clare enjoys spending time with her two little girls, husband and the family cat. Whilst she has had many, many disasters, cooking remains Clare’s favourite way to relax but she is not quite sure her family feels the same way!