CMD Allowance

The First Five Years Continuing Ministerial Development Fund is a CPD grant-payment for ministers in the early stages of their ministry to undertake ministerial development. You can help identify your learning outcomes through a Ministerial Development Conversation to mark priorities and objectives.

Each eligible minister can claim for up to £200 per calendar year.

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Terms and Conditions

In 2021, each eligible minister will be able to claim for up to £200 of funds to support their learning and development in line with the criteria set out below.

The fund must be used in 2021 to further the learning and ministerial development of the individual through:

  • Short course or conference fees in a relevant area
  • Resources: including books and electronic resources
  • Retreats or pilgrimages

It differs from the Study Leave Scheme in that it does not permit or fund periods of leave from the parish; pulpit supply or locum provision cannot be applied. Funds cannot be accumulated from year to year; it is intended to enable ministers in the FFY to pursue ongoing learning and ministerial development and wellbeing in their ministerial setting on an annual and ongoing basis.

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