Invitation to Presbyteries

Living Well with Differences Course

8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th November (5.30pm – 9pm) online


Would you like to feel more confident when engaging on difficult issues?

Have you struggled to have a meaningful conversation with someone who opposes your views?

Would you like to respond more positively when a conversation gets heated?

Would you benefit from tips and tools to help stop conflicts from escalating?

We notice that many people – including those in faith communities – can struggle to find helpful ways to respond to change, transition, tension, and difference. We believe that everyone has within them the gifts to bring a spirit of reconciliation to others. Our training is designed to empower and equip people within faith communities to be people of peace – meeting well, handling differences and issues that cause tension and conflict well, providing the foundations for building strong relationships, enabling yourself and others to flourish.

Living Well with Differences course helps participants learn how to recognise and understand the signs of potential tensions and sources of conflict, earlier and with confidence. We will explore what conflict ‘looks’ like in our faith communities, explore different approaches and responses, and develop your skills in transforming relationships.

Over four evening sessions, the course will explore:

  • What is my preferred style of communication when in a tense or heated conversation?
  • What are the different levels of conflict and how can we recognise them?
  • How do we meet well and communicate with love in faith communities?
  • What tips, tools and skills can I learn to better respond at times when there is a difference of opinion, tensions can emerge, and relationships are breaking down?


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