Gabby Dench is the Pastoral Support Manager for Faith Nurture Forum and co-leads the development and management of Ascend. Her role is to provide relevant and timely support for Ministers and to develop strategies to improve the wellbeing of those in ministry.

Gabby believes that the extent to which individuals have access to emotionally safe resources and support, especially in their efforts to care for themselves and others, will greatly impact their ability to thrive.

Gabby originally trained in law in Sydney Australia. She completed a Bachelor in Theology from Morling Theological College over 6 years part time whilst working in family law. Gabby moved to Scotland in 2007 where she completed a post graduate in teaching for further qualification while lecturing in Glasgow. Most recently, she completed her masters in Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Practice through the Scottish Institute of Human Relations and Glasgow University. Gabby recognises that there is a huge amount of pressure and expectation placed on ministers today and that we need to be looking at ways to help ministers manage this in a way that does not negatively impact their wellbeing.

Outside of work Gabby enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She also dreams of the sun and looks forward to the days that it shines in Scotland.