Ali is a Church of Scotland minister who has worked  as a healthcare chaplain for NHS Lanarkshire since 2017, based in University Hospital Wishaw.  Ali is registered with the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplains (UKBHC) and is a member of the Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators(APSE), practicing within the APSE ethical framework.  Ali deeply values the time she spends as a supervisee in both individual and group supervision.  She is aware that reflecting during her own supervision often enables her to return to practice with a less blurry sense of who she is within her role and what is important.  She often leaves her own supervision sessions with a renewed commitment to stay true to this in her approach and practice.  Ali seeks to provide similar opportunities for those she works with in a supervisory capacity.  She recognises that what they share is precious to them and aims to honour it and the space and time in which it is shared accordingly. To contact Ali, please email


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