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AVAILABLE ONLINE & IN PERSON In person location: St Peter’s Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ


2 September 2022 10:00 – 16:00 BST


Ticket: £5 – £20

About the Event


Beliefs drive action. Dr Matt Knell of LST explores how doctrines, properly understood, can deepen our everyday engagement in the world.

About this event



In person location: St Peter’s Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ


Beliefs drive action.

But too often, the study and teaching of theology and doctrine have become disassociated from the life the church is called to live.

Diminished understandings of a whole range of doctrines, from sin to grace, creation to the ascension, have increased the impact of the sacred-secular divide on discipleship and mission – reinforcing the implicit belief that only some ‘holy’ parts of life matter to God.

This interactive training day, led by Dr Matt Knell of the London School of Theology, shows how we can change that – and put teaching doctrine back at the heart of growing fruitful, whole-life disciples.

Session 1: Setting the scene

  • The forces that have contributed to this problem
  • How doctrines, properly understood, can inspire both our understanding of God, the gospel, humankind, and the world – and our everyday, whole-life discipleship

Session 2: The doctrine of sin – case study

  • How sin has become less frequently discussed in the UK church in recent decades – partly out of a concern for cultural relevance and attractiveness, but partly because we often reduce sin to an individualistic, spiritual dimension
  • How other aspects of this doctrine can transform our understanding of the lives we’re called to lead

Session 3: The doctrine of grace – case study

  • The church tends to talk and sing a lot about grace, but what do we mean when we use the word?
  • The ways in which grace has incorrectly become static, objective, and historical, related to incorrect aspects of the doctrine of God and salvation – and how we can re-instate it as one of the most dynamic concepts in our faith lives
  • How the doctrine of grace can energise Christians for the ministries they’re called to in all walks of life

Session 4: How can doctrines be unleashed?

  • Steps we can take to encourage people in our churches to integrate their thinking more intentionally into how they live their everyday lives, in worship of God


Dr Matthew Knell, London School of Theology

Dr Matthew Knell is Lecturer in Historical Theology and Church History at the London School of Theology. Before that he served as a missionary in Belarus and Austria and as an intercultural consultant. He has taught and spoken widely on a range of doctrines in both academic and popular contexts, including for several years at Spring Harvest. His books include Defenders of the Faith – standing for truth when attacks come, Rediscovering the Reformation and two volumes of Sin, Grace and Free Will: A Historical Survey of Christian Thought. For fun, he writes satirical songs, plays board games, and writes big group murder mysteries.