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Online event via Teams webinar


22 September 2021 11:00 – 12:30 BST


Ticket: Free

About the Event

Ascend’s 2021/2022 coaching cohort is now open to applications.

About this event

This cohort is an opportunity for Ministers to reflect upon their current practice of ministry and consider their development for the future. The programme will run this year from September 2021 to March 2022 and comprises three main elements: 2 webinars at the start and end of the programme and 6 hours of individual coaching with a trained and experienced coach.

The programme has sometimes been offered to people working in a shared context, for example, priority areas or rural parishes, or to those completing their first five years in ministry. However, this year we would like to offer the programme to anyone who feels that their ministry might benefit from coaching. Perhaps you are at a point of transition, or have been in your charge for a number of years and intend to stay but want a fresh perspective. Or simply you wish to engage with Coaching in this time when there’s so much change and transition in the Church. You might have many years of ministry experience or be within your first five years. You might work in a remote rural village or an urban context. At any stage in your ministry, coaching can provide an opportunity to reflect, plan and perhaps re-imagine your role with the guidance of an experienced coach.

Coaching is a one-to-one interactive relationship where one person assists another in identifying and accomplishing goals both personal and professional. It is a method of professional development that strengthens faith leaders in important ways, such as vocational discernment, stewardship of time and resources, organizational leadership, and personal resilience. It offers a space for reflection that helps a person to grow and develop professionally. In a faith-based context, there is an understanding that God is present within the relationship as well as the work that is being undertaken.

Coaching centres on existing issues or on an effect that the individual wishes to achieve or change, and it helps the person sustain that change. Coaches journey alongside leaders – whether ordained ministers of word and sacrament, MDS staff, or other lay leaders – helping them develop skills, set and accomplish goals, overcome difficulties, and manifest their God-given talents. Coaching issues are in the present, but always with an eye on the future. It is always important to recognise that coaching is not a panacea to problems that require pastoral support or therapy but upon competent and skilled leaders seeking to be more effective and discerning in their practices.

To take part in the Cohort you must be able to commit to attending the gatherings in both September and March, and to meeting once each month with your coach from October until March for individual coaching. All costs for the programme are met by the Faith Nurture Forum.

Please register your interest as soon as possible; there are only 16 places available. If you have any questions, please email ascend@churchofscotland.org.uk.

All of our coaches undergo training and have themselves been past participants in the programme. There is more information about Coaching on the Ascend website