Neil Glover is Convener of the Ministries Council – he believes in the transformational power of ministry – to change both the minister and those around them. His vision is of a Council which exists to support ministry in the context of contemporary society. Neil convenes the work of the whole Council. He is a great believer in the power of ministry, and it’s place in the mission of the Church.

A primary focus for Neil is ensuring the work of the Council works to a coherent vision, is accessible to the whole Church, and which is host to the diverse voices within the Church. He is a great enthusiast for committees – believing that when they are well run they can effect significant change in an inclusive way.

Neil is a parish minister in the South East of Glasgow, and has previously worked in industry (as an IT consultant, often for Capital Markets banks), a youth worker in Belfast, outdoor instructor in Nethy Bridge and also spent a year working with the Church of South India. He has degrees in Computer Science and Theology (where he specialised in Biblical Studies).

Amongst his interests are the contemplative traditions of the Christian life, organisational change, contemporary mission, learning and training. He is a keen runner.