Lezley is the Recruitment & Support Secretary for Faith Nurture Forum, providing leadership for vocational guidance of ministries in the Church and oversight of the pastoral support services of the Council. She cares passionately about ministry and those who minister.  Lezley is inspired by those who answer the call to serve the Church is so many different ways, and she cares that people are able to flourish in ministry as the people God created them to be.

Lezley followed an early call to ministry that led her to study at St. Andrews University, Princeton Theological Seminary and Edinburgh University before being ordained in the year 2000.  She has served in parish ministry from 2000 – 2017 [Downfield South: Dundee, Currie Kirk: Edinburgh, Greyfriars Kirk: Edinburgh] and held concurrent chaplaincy appointments [hospital and hospice] before moving to be Recruitment and Support Secretary in Oct 2017.  Lezley also served previously as Ministries Convenor for Edinburgh Presbytery, and as Vice-Convenor of the Ministries Council in the areas of vocational guidance, education and training.

As a minister, Lezley has a passion for inclusion and for worship that connects with both everyday life and with the mystery of God, and understands the church to be a place of encounter where we live and experience the questions of life and faith in shared community. Lezley has published worship resources, “Where Two or Three Are Gathered” and “Celebrating Life in Death” through Saint Andrew Press. Most recently, and following completion of a Doctorate in Ministry (with a focus on re-imagining the Psalms in Worship), she has also published “Let Everyone Find Their Voice“.

To relax, Lezley enjoys singing [folk and traditional] and visiting the highlands and islands of Scotland, where she likes walking and being windswept with her husband and dog!