David co-leads on the Ascend project and manages education and training services. David is committed to delivering services that actually matter and make a difference; and he is always keen to discuss ways to improve provision. As part of his role as Education & Training Secretary David undertakes management of projects relating to research, planning and implementation of training programmes for all ministries personnel. David has a key role in the formation and implementation of Ministerial Development Conversation programme and Continuing Ministerial Development. David is a member of the Ministries Senior Management Team.

David started his theological training at the University of St Andrews with a special interest in theology and imagination. Following a period of working in varied settings (from a church in California to a hospital ward in Kirkcaldy) David returned to theology at the University of Edinburgh. He completed his Masters at New College working with Prof Oliver O’Donovan and Prof Paul Nimmo covering ethics, political theology, and a final dissertation examining moral ontology in Karl Barth’s ethics.

Prior to joining the Ministries Council, David developed the successful Learn project with Mission & Discipleship Council. At the launch of the programme, Learn saw a bestseller in the publication ‘Eldership’ which was nominated for a Scottish Creative Design Award.

Beyond his role with Ministries Council, David is on the Board for Remembering Srebrenica (Scotland) – www.srebrenica.org.uk/scotland which seeks to remember those who lost their lives in the 1995 genocide, and learn lessons for challenging hatred in our communities today. And in his spare time David is a member of his local crossfit box and to restore he can be found on the yoga mat.

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