For the terms and conditions of the Scheme as approved in 1997; the following points were noted by the Assembly and are of particular importance:

  • Study Leave should rigorously uphold the ideals of continuing education and personal development;
  • the concept of Sabbatical Leave was not appropriate, but that well-constructed times of Study Leave would be of great use to the Church;
  • Study Leave should not be used as a means of rehabilitating ministers who require time off for other reasons;
  • Presbyteries are required to appoint an appropriate Committee to oversee the local working of the Scheme ensuring that such periods of Leave are taken in accordance with an appropriate rota, that adequate cover is available and that agreement has been reached with the Training Task Group on the suitability of the proposed course of study;
  • the Presbytery Committee will liaise with the Training Task Group to ensure that the aims and purposes of the Scheme are being properly and consistently implemented throughout the Church and the Training Task Group will have the final say on whether a proposal meets the criteria of the scheme.

The Training Team are currently responsible for ensuring that the fundamental aims of the Scheme are being satisfied in any new study proposals being put forward by ministers.

Please Note:
From 1 January 1998 ministers with 5 years’ service in the Church will be entitled to Study Leave in accordance with the terms of the Scheme. Entitlement begins with two weeks at five years’ service, four weeks at six years, and so on, increasing to a maximum entitlement of 14 weeks for those with twelve years of service in the Church. For ministers with the full period of qualifying service who have not drawn down any entitlement, the entitlement in 2021 is £1,925 and 14 weeks.

Study Leave Deadlines

Study Leave applications are assessed by the Training Team, which meets every month. We will let you know soon after the meeting whether or not your application has been approved.


Full Terms & Conditions

You can download the full terms and conditions below.