Event Details


St Andrew's and St George's West Edinburgh, 13 George Street, EH2 2PA Edinburgh,


21 November 2019 18:30


Ticket: Free

About the Event

This year’s Denis Duncan Lecture will be led by Michael Harvey on the subject of health and healing in the Church.

The Guild of Health and St Raphael are delighted to run this lecture in partnership with The Church of Scotland. The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion with some leaders in health and healing for the church today.

When Jesus sent out the twelve disciples he told them to proclaim the Kingdom of God ‘and heal the sick’. In this first recorded mission when the disciples are without Jesus, there is to be both proclamation and healing.

Yet in our generation we seem to have concentrated mission mostly (or only) on the proclamation part. Michael Harvey has conducted a 15 year survey of churches and individual Christians in the area of mission and to his surprise has found that healing is at the heart of successful mission.

In this lecture, he will challenge the way we think about mission. He will call for the bringing together of the latest findings in the area of science with theological reflection.

He will hypothesize how healing does or may take place in mission, and lead us to some best practice ideas which every individual Christian and church can do, to bring back together the proclamation of the kingdom of God and the healing of the sick