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49 Dowanhill Street, Glasgow, G11 5HB


22 October 2019 09:30 - 5.30


Ticket: £295.00 (This course is eligible for Study Leave )

About the Event

Date: Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 October 2019

Traditional approaches to management involve command and control methods such as giving orders, setting targets and motivating with the use of carrots and sticks.  Whilst this may have some success, it results in employees who are dependent on their manager and who fail to provide solutions or take initiative.  If you want to get the most from your staff, become a Coach Manager.

A Coach Manager employs coaching in order to build an employees knowledge and skills.  A Coach Manager sees the potential in staff and aims to release that potential.  Adopting a coaching approach as a manager is highly empowering since it encourages members of staff to think for themselves.  As such, staff are more motivated, more likely to solve their own problems and much more productive.


• Learn how to employ coaching skills to enhance your effectiveness as a manager
• Develop your capacity to support and challenge staff to think for themselves
• Practise fundamental coaching skills
• Get more done through helping others become more effective


• What is a Coach Manager
• Distinction Between Coaching and Mentoring
• Structure of a Coaching Intervention
• Powerful Questioning
• Giving Effective Feedback
• Powerful Statements
• Planning for Action
• Managing for Higher Performance

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for any new or experienced manager who wants to work with staff in ways that help them successfully realise their potential and achieve even greater results.