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Glenfeshie, PH21 1NH


28 August 2018 12:00


Ticket: £760

About the Event

We are partnering with Natural Change for a 4-day leaders retreat in late August 2018.

Tailored specifically for those in parish ministry, the retreat will focus on reflection, reinvigoration and reconnection. Our aim is to provide a unique opportunity to contemplate on leadership, faith and vocation in the context of the great natural world around us.

This residential retreat will be situated in the tranquil location of Glenfeshie in the Cairngorm National Park. The qualified facilitators will gently guide you through activities and practices to embrace the transformative potential of nature.

This retreat will provide the luxury of time and space to get away from everyday concerns and focus on what really matters.


The Natural Change Approach

Natural Change works because people are part of nature. But we tend to act as if we are not.

When people reconnect deeply with the rest of nature it also leads them to connect with themselves and with each other. Together this improves our wellbeing, makes us more resilient and feel more complete. It can help us, individually and as a society, to live more fairly and within nature’s limits.

Natural Change offers an increasingly rare chance to experience ourselves as part of nature.

People often find this transformative, telling us that they:

  • feel liberated, revived and inspired
  • enjoy richer relationships with others and with nature
  • gain unexpected insights and a fresh perspective on the world
  • reconnect with the things that are truly important to them
  • develop their confidence, energy and strength to do what matters



We gather at 12.00 noon for introductions and an overview of the programme before having lunch together. After lunch, we head out for a series of gentle outdoor activities. These help us to slow down, unwind and connect with the others in the group and the place.


Finding direction: A unique and gentle process to gather ourselves and explore more deeply what it is you are hoping to get from the retreat.

Solo: Following a break we gather to prepare for the “solo”. This forms the heart of the Natural Change process. We head out alone for up to six hours. As darkness falls, we return for supper and sleep.


Stories and reflections. We gather for breakfast together before having some time alone to decide what we each might like to share with the group about our solo experience. This leads into an extraordinary, gentle, beautiful and often profoundly powerful story-telling circle. In the evening we have a celebratory dinner.


Making meaning and making sense. Processes to explore what our experiences of nature might mean and how we can take them back to our everyday lives. We depart at 4.00 pm.

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