Event Details


St John’s Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh


2 March 2018


Ticket: £55

About the Event

Listening to Ignite: The Transformative Role of Supervision

CPD Workshop on Friday 2nd March to be held at St John’s Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh.


In the morning the conference theme will be explored in two ways:

  • a keynote presentation given by Bobby Moore, author of Reflexive Supervision: A Workbook for Learning Within and Across Professions and
  • a keynote performance (details to be confirmed).


In the afternoon there will be workshops lasting one hour each which will include

  • Creative approaches in supervision
  • When the Boundaries Betray Us (a conversation arising out of a professional hearing)
  • Supervision, Therapy and Spiritual Direction
  • ‘Showing up in Supervision’ An Experiential workshop

There will also be ‘work in progress’ papers, and more creative explorations around the theme of supervision, through poetry, art music and/or film.


Please send completed booking form and/or booking enquiries to michael@ipsrp.org.uk.

Invoices will be issued and bookings confirmed upon receipt of payment.


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