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Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 6NE


26 January 2018 10:00-16:00 (One Friday per month)


Ticket: £75 per day + £40 per course for assessment where applicable

About the Event

Pastoral Supervision offers an invitation to ‘live your soul’ and reconnect with the vocational passion that arises when the essence of our lives have been touched and we deal with the world from that place. As such it helps people re-visit and re-energise their vocation to serve others as part of God’s mission in the world.

The Institute of Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice promotes soulful, theologically rich, psychologically informed, contextually sensitive, practiced based reflection. The Institute offers an incremental approach to learning from one day taster events to professional diplomas in pastoral supervision.  All courses can be taken for credit (with assessed assignments) or simply for ministerial development (no assignments).

This course is for people in: Parish & Local Church Ministry, Theological Education, Ministerial Development, Chaplaincy Ministry, Spiritual Accompaniment, Youth Work, Counselling & Therapy, Organizational Leadership, Group Facilitation, Adult Education.

Supervision & Mission Introductory Workshop – Course 1

26 Jan & 23 Feb

This two day introductory workshop is designed for anyone in pastoral ministry, lay or ordained, wishing to develop their skills for and understanding of pastoral supervision.  The workshop is practical and blends:

  • An exploration of pastoral supervision and its place within ministry and mission
  • An understanding of the differences between supervision, line management, spiritual accompaniment and personal therapy
  • A framework for supervising others
  • An opportunity to receive soulful supervision within the course group

Admission Criteria: No previous experience required.

Award:                        Certificate of Attendance with 12 CPD Points

Toolkits and Frameworks for Pastoral Supervision – Course 2

23 Mar & 27 Apr

Building on the introductory workshop this two day course looks at:

  • The theological and theoretical basis for supervision
  • establishing a supervision covenant and expectations
  • power and vulnerability in supervision
  • core skills & competencies in supervision
  • structuring the reflective time
  • tools for getting participants and their work into the room
  • eliciting, tracking and exploring the supervisory focus
  • getting beneath the stories practitioners tell to the heart of the matter
  • building the bridge from reflection back to practice

Admission Criteria      Completion of Introductory Workshop, equivalent or prior experience

Award                             Option 1: No assignments – Certificate of Attendance & 12 CPD Points / Option 2: With assignments – Introductory Certificate in Supervision Skills.

Taken together the Introductory Workshop and Toolkits & Frameworks meet the training requirements for accreditation as a General Accredited Supervisor with APSE (The Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators).  

Certificate in Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice – Course 3

1 Jun, 29 Jun, 27 Jul, 31 Aug

This professional training courses takes learning and experience gained from the Introductory and Toolkits & Frameworks workshops further and grounds them in theory and practice. The theoretical focus is on Hawkins and Shohet’s seven process model of supervision which pays attention not only to the ‘then and there’ of the pastoral scenario (ie the material supervisees bring to supervision) but also to the ‘here and now’ of the supervision sessions (in the dynamics between supervisor and supervisee). The practical focus is on individual (one to one) supervision. Over the 4 days the course attends to:

  • supervision as vocational regeneration
  • context and culture in supervision
  • stakeholders and organisational dynamics
  • unspoken and unconscious factors in supervision
  • working with the ‘then and there’ in the ‘here and now’
  • collusion, avoidance and sabotage
  • reporting and assessing processes.

Concurrent with the course, participants are required to offer supervision to at least one other person. This could be a peer, a probationer, church worker etc.. The course days will include supervision on that work as well as an opportunity to practice supervising course peers.

Admission Criteria      Completion of Introductory Workshop, Toolkits & Frameworks or equivalent

Award:                           Option 1: Certificate in Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice for those who successfully pass the assignment / Option 2: Certificate of Attendance and 24 CPD points for those who choose not to be assessed.

Upon completion of the Certificate Course participants will have met the training requirements for accreditation as a Senior Accredited Supervisor with APSE (The Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators) and will have begun to log the necessary practice hours.

Diploma in Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice – Course 4

28 Sep, 26 Oct, 30 Nov, 12 Jan 2019

This professional level course is geared towards those for whom supervision is or will be a key feature of their ministry. This includes those with pastoral responsibility for youth workers, mission teams, fresh expression teams, probationers etc. The course aims for personal, vocational and professional integration and focuses on four key areas:

  • theological reflection
  • integrative theoretical and praxis base for supervision
  • team and group supervision
  • professional practice issues

In addition to the four group days participants:

  • supervise individuals and/or groups out with the group sessions
  • receive supervision for the supervising they are offering
  • pursue an individual learning project around an aspect of pastoral supervision of their choice

Admission Criteria      Completion of Certificate Course or equivalent

Award:                           Option 1: Diploma in Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice for those who successfully pass the assignment / Option 2: 24 CPD points for those who choose not to be assessed.

Course Tutor – Rev Dr Michael Paterson

Michael is a priest of the Scottish Episcopal Church with a background in parish ministry, school chaplaincy, spiritual accompaniment, healthcare chaplaincy and theological education. He has a private practice in psychotherapy and pastoral supervision. He served for several years as chair of Accreditation for the Association of Pastoral Supervisors & Educators (APSE). He is the founding director of the Institute of Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice, a community of advanced practitioners specializing in training, research and publication in the field of interdisciplinary supervision and reflective practice. Michael is the lead trainer for the NHS Scotland initiative in Values-based Reflective Practice.  He is currently involved in initiatives to roll out pastoral supervision across the Methodist Church and across the Church of Scotland. His published works include Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook 2nd Edition (SCM 2015) Enriching Ministry through Pastoral Supervision (SCM 2014). A list of his publications is available at www.ipsrp.org.uk.

Further information & Application Forms

An application form can be downloaded here and should you wish any further details, please contact Michael.




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