Priority Areas in Partnership with Cairn

We have a limited number of spaces available on a new cohort of the learning community. This is a 2 year journey – involving 4 gatherings and group coaching in between. The focus is on discipleship leadership and mission. This is an excellent opportunity for you to lead a team from your church through a supported process which will lead to new practises and new life. More info here

Our first cohort is due to complete their journey this October, and we’re excited to be offering a second round of spaces, to both priority area and non priority area congregations. If you are looking for a way to get folks in your church really thinking about discipleship and mission and where those things are present or absent in your culture, this is absolutely the opportunity for you. A combination of teaching, facilitated group exercises, space to reflect, coaching and accountability over a 2 year period really allows for you and your team to grapple with and apply the principles you are encountering in the material in a way that has integrity in your own context.

Dates for the gatherings are:

25th 26th September 2019

26th 27th February 2020

23rd 24th September 2020

24th 25th February 2021

For more information or to book your space please contact John Finch