The Pastoral Support team are committed to funding training in pastoral supervision as an avenue for the support of those in ministry.

This training will take place at the Old Churches House, Dunblane from April 2019.

Pastoral Supervision offers a regular, intentional and boundaried space in which a practitioner skilled in supervision (the supervisor) meets with practitioners (the supervisee) to look together at the supervisee’s practice.

Pastoral Supervision is characterised by trust, confidentiality, support and openness. It offers individuals the freedom and safety to explore issues arising in their work practice and experience of ministry.

If you are interested in being trained as a Pastoral Supervisor, or simply want to know more about this training opportunity, then please email us.

As a service level agreement and upon completion of your training, you will be asked to commit a period of time, through Ascend, to the provision of pastoral supervision in support of those in ministry.

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