Supporting and Enabling Elders – We Would Appreciate Your Feedback

Over the past few years the Mission & Discipleship Council has been actively seeking to support and enable elders by responding to the consultation feedback received from Kirk Sessions in 2013.

As recently as the end of April 2018 we hosted a national conference for elders which combined a focus on inspiring elders with a fresh vision for developing congregational discipleship. Alongside this we sought to equip delegates in more practical aspects of their role. You can still benefit from the learning by using the post-conference resources on Learn Online

A key congregational resource that the Council developed, and which was launched in 2014, was ‘Learn: Eldership’. It is encouraging that over 10,000 copies have now been purchased for use in congregations. We are keen to learn from those who have used this resource to make sure that what we now develop continues to meet your needs.

As such we would appreciate it if you would complete this short online questionnaire. If you think someone else in your congregation would be better placed to complete it please pass this on to them.  It might be helpful to have a copy of Learn: Eldership at hand. If by some chance you  have not heard about this you can find out about it here.

The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking HERE and we ask that it be completed by 22 June 2018.


Norman Smith

Convener of the  Mission & Discipleship Council

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